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10 of the best family ski resorts in France


The ski season already strat however with the beginning of holidays you are probably wondering which stations are the best for your familly and your French speaking Nanny. Let’s figure out with the ranking of the 10 best family ski station in France.

In most families, the level of enthusiasm and competence on the slopes varies. Often times, parents are forced to cut-short their time on the mountain to fit around children’s needs or ski school times.

Stéphane Lerendu, director of Avoriaz tourist office, says, “When it comes to winter sports, perhaps more than for any other type of holiday, one member of the family has to sacrifice themselves for the others.”

A good family ski resort deals with this scenario and makes sure that everyone has a good holiday, from the expert skiers to the frankly not-at-all skiers. The key is to choose a resort that has the facilities to match your family profile. What suits teenagers will not likely be much use to the very young.

As France is still the UK’s preferred ski destination, OnTheSnow is bringing you 10 of the best family ski resorts in France :

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