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Healthy food kids will love

For many parents and French speaking nannies, buying and preparing healthy foods is not always an easy task. Parents and French speaking nannies can often wondering if their child is getting enough nutrients.

That’s why feeding children can be one of the most satisfying and stressful parts of parenting, nanning – and most of us have ended up with a fearsome mealtime stand off at some point. So to avoid the meltdowns we’ve cooked up some sneaky ideas for giving kids the foods they love, that are packed full of the nutrients they need, from breakfast to dessert.



Family time

There is always a temptation to pack the kids full of vegetables and homemade fare and then munch on some toast when they are tucked up in bed. After all who isn’t shattered once the day’s work is done? That’s why Caroline Hire has specially created these family meals that suit everyone from toddlers to teens, so you won’t be making an excess of different meals (or have an excess of washing up).

All the meals are freezable too, so make a couple in advance, or double up your portions, and you won’t have to reach for a naughty ready meal in times of crisis.

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