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How to get children to bed, when parents are not around?

It’s 7pm, time to go to bed. But for some reasons, the kids become more and more excited, they want more hugs, more kisses, they have so many questions… And instead of having a quiet evening waiting for the parents to come back, you’re ending up by begging them to go to bed. Sounds familiar ?

Toddlers accustom to dawdle, so keep on being firm and don’t give them bad habits. It’s very difficult especially because they are usually very good negotiators.The more you wait, the more it will be hard to get them to sleep.

As a French speaking nanny, you can put them to bed and reassure them by telling them that their parents will come check on them later. Thus, they will stay at bed, waiting for them and must fall asleep.

Make them responsible and give them the choice: for example, you can offer an alternative and let them choose if they prefer going to sleep immediately or in 5 minutes. They will have the impression to choose themselves.

Don’t hesitate to praise them and mention that their parents would be proud of them. Once the children will get used to go to bed alone, you will be able to spend quiet time!

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