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How to introduce books to children?

What a pleasure to open a good book and to plunge into it ! But in our modern world, ruled by screens, we see more and more the children opt for TVs or Ipad when comes the recreational hours. As a parent, or a French speaking nanny, you can help them develop their taste for reading and it starts by introducing books to them in the best possible way : by sharing this moment.

Reading together can be such a fun time, it can quickly become the best film they’ll watch : leave the actor that sleeps in you shine and perform completely the story ! You can change your voice regarding the characters, sing, mime…

But never forget as well to make the children participate : leave them turn the pages, ask them questions… the more the children are enjoying themselves, the more they learn quickly.

Finally, don’t force them. A few minutes at a time might also be enough, you can always finish the story later !

If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to check the following link that we selected for you:

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