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Nous sommes fiers de représenter les nounous francaises / francophones de Londres ainsi que d'excellentes nounous anglophones ou multilingues
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  • Toutes nos candidates sont individuellement interviewées par notre équipe
  • Nous vérifions leur expérience et leurs références professionnelles
  • Nous examinons tous les documents demandés (pièce d’identité, extrait de casier judiciaire, attestation de formation aux premiers secours, diplômes petite enfance, etc.)
  • Toutes nos nounous francophones sont en conformité avec le droit du travail au Royaume Uni

You are looking for a caring and very creative French speaking nanny, Adriana will be the perfect candidate for your family. With over three years of childcare experience in three different countries, children no longer have any secrets from her. She loves manual activities like crafts, and she is always inspired. She is also an amazing cook, who will prepare healthy meals for or with your children. Adriana is always positive and dynamic, to make the children feel comfortable and happy. The wellbeing and development of your children will be her priority.


Curious and creative, Marie is a French speaking nanny who will be able to take care of your children in complete safety. She studied design and art in France and loves taking care of animals, hiking in the countryside, and all kinds of creative hobbies. Caring, responsible, funny, and attentive, she has more than five years of experience with children from 1 years old to 13 years old. She has always loved being in contact with children, touched by their children's joy of life and their sincerity. She would be delighted to accompany your children in their growth and development as a French nanny. Moreover, her parents own an educational farm in France, and her dream would be to be able to take over from them in the future.


Are you looking for a French speaking nanny who is fluent in English, Russian and Arabic? If the answer is yes, Maïssa is the ideal candidate! And in addition to these qualifications, Maïssa is a sweet, dynamic, and smiling young woman. She pays a lot of attention to the children's learning and well-being. With her positive attitude, she will contaminate your family with her good mood. She also loves stimulating little ones and observing their progress. Her dream would be to find a family where she feels comfortable and to stay there as long as possible in order to take part in the evolution of their child.


Coming from Dubai, Amel is a French Speaking Nanny who wants to live new adventures in London. She has more than 5 years of childcare experience with children from 1 to 8 years old. She also has experience looking after several children at the same time. Amel is very energetic and bubbly, she is a highly creative and trustworthy person. She has built an amazing relationship with kids she takes care of and they considered her as a “big sister”. It is essential for her to provide parents with an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of their children. She is flexible, responsible, reliable and organised


Always cheerful, Cloé is a French Speaking Nanny who loves laughing with children she takes care of. She has more than 10 years of childcare experience with children from new-born to 9 years old. Cloé is also extremely reliable, and she creates trusting relationships with children and parents. She is a highly active French speaking nanny who loves doing sport. She is interested in arts and likes singing and reading. Sharing good times with children is important for her and her main qualities are her patience and her kindness. Cloé will bring the joy of life into your home!


Nelly is the ideal nanny of all families as she is described as perfect by all the families she has worked for. She is a French speaking nanny with more than 7 years of childcare experience. She holds the BAFA, “CAP petite enfance” and the paediatric first aid in France. She was also scout leader for several years. You cannot go wrong by choosing her! She will take care of your children in complete confidence while offering them fun and educational activities. She is looking for a long-term family as she loves to see their children develop. She is smiling, curious and sporty.


Marie is a dynamic, conscientious and reliable French speaking nanny with more than 3 years’ experience in childcare.  Marie comes from a large family and would like to take a childcare diploma in the future. Children are a source of inspiration for her and with them she feels like she is going back to her childhood. With Marie your children will be pampered and you can be sure that they will not be bored!


Souraya is a professional, experienced, trustworthy, and dynamic French speaking nanny with more than 20 years childcare experience. She is also a proud mother to an 11-year-old beautiful boy. Souraya gets great pleasure from seeing the children in her care grow and become happy and healthy. When she talks about her past experiences as a nanny, Souraya has a lot of stars in her eyes. She also loves to offer a variety of activities for children and especially to enjoy London's parks.


Constance is a sweet and reliable French speaking nanny with 9 years of childcare experience with children from 2 to 14 years old. She has held many positions such as babysitter, she worked in a center for young people in Paris and she was also the leader of  a group of thirty young girls between 8 and 12 years old in the scout movement. She loves to stimulate children’s creativity and to play with them. And the most important aspect for her is to teach them new things. If you are looking for a very funny, creative, and patient French speaking nanny, Constance is for your family!


Coming from a family of 7 siblings, France grew up helping out at home and looking after the youngest members of the family. She currently holds a childcare diploma (CAP petite enfance) and wishes to broaden her experience within a family before becoming a childcare assistant. France loves motor skills classes, sports and sensory animation (Montessori) and will be delighted to introduce your children to these activities! France is a dynamic, organised and reliable French-speaking nanny who will be delighted to look after your children!


Coming from a large family, for Anasthasia, it was an obvious choice to become a French-speaking nanny. Anasthasia has two passions in life, fashion and children, which is why she has been an au pair for 1 year in London and has 4 years experience looking after children aged 1 to 13.  The children love her good humour and with her, they will never get bored. Anasthasia is an energetic, funny and responsible French speaking nanny and she will be able to share her passion for fashion with the whole family. With her, you can leave your children in complete confidence!


With more than 3 years childcare experience with children from 3 years old to 8 years old, Aurore will offer a cheerful environnement to your children. Aurore arrived in London in the summer 2018 to improve her english and discover new culture. She is passionate about art and loves to transmit her passion to children. Your children will be happy to discover the world of art with Aurore. She is also a reliable, confident, smiling and funny French speaking nanny who loves to entertain children! 

Marie Dominique

If you are looking for an energetic French speaking nanny that will bring the joy of life into your home, we have the best person for your family! Marie Dominique is a passionate nanny with more than 14 years childcare experience with children from newborn to teen age and has also her own kids. From Mauritius, Marie Dominique will bring sunshine into your home. Sharing moments with children in cooking, painting and playing are her favourite activities. Marie Dominique is a hard working, respectful, reliable and cheerful nanny. When she talks about children, you know that becoming a nanny was an obvious choice for her! 


With more than 4 years’ experience in childcare including 2 years as “au pair” in London, taking care of children is a real passion for Eva. During her experience as an au pair she was responsible to look after two children aged 6 and 8 years old and had a very good relationship with the family. She also has experience with children from 1 year old to 8 years old. She is a nanny who loves to propose outdoor activities to children like going to the cinema, going to the park and doing arts and crafts activities. Eva is a friendly, cheery, responsible, trustworthy, fun, and hardworking French speaking nanny. She has a great relationship with kids. She is an easy-going nanny who is looking for a lovely family to share her passion for Arts and crafts activities, drawing and cooking.


After holding her french diploma “Auxiliaire de puericulture” in 2015, Sabrina wanted to discover the world while continuing to work for her passion “to take care of children”. In each country where Sabrina was, it was obviously for her to work as a French speaking nanny. Sabrina is confident with all ages as she has the experience in nursery. A few months ago, she decided to move to London to follow the family she was working for in New York. She fell in love with London and that is why she now wants to stay here.

If you are looking for a dynamic, reliable, creative and smiling French nanny speaking, we will be happy to introduce Sabrina! 


Elise is a smiling and easy going French speaking nanny. Given that her mother is a nursery assistant, she always wanted to work with children. With more than 5 years’ experience of childcare, Elise will be able of taking care of your children in all confidence. During her last experience, she was an “au pair” in London to improve her English. In this host family she took care of three children, two girls and a boy, aged 11, 8, and 6 years old.  She likes the English culture and the geographic proximity to France that is why she came here. As a graduate student in photography and design she could propose arts and craft activities to them.

She is autonomous and knows to show initiative when it is necessary. She can prepare meals, keep the house clean and take care of animals like cats, dogs or rabbits. And the most important thing for her is to share good moments with children!


Taking care of children is a vocation for Fanny and she has made a career out of it. Indeed, she decided to hold a teaching diploma in France to work in Nursery and Primary School. Through her various internships, Fanny had been able to take care of children. She also has an experience as a nanny as she regularly has done babysitting during 6 years and took care of children between 3 months and 12 years old. Fanny's very comfortable with children, has a good contact will them and will be a great listener to take the time to reassure them.


Smiley, bubbly, positive, your children will love Lucie as soon as they will see her. Also very active, Lucie is always ready for a ball game or a hide-and-seek in the garden. This French speaking Nanny comes from a large family and she has always taken care of children. When she arrived in London 3 years ago, she works as live-in nanny for 2 children aged 3 years old and a newborn. She is comfortable with all age as she enjoys making and seeing them grow up. She is fluent in English and has her driving licence.


After a great experience as an au pair in London last year, Fanny is now ready to start a new position as a French speaking nanny. She holds the French diploma “Auxiliaire de puericulture” and she is currently working with babies in a day nursery in France so she is confident with all age. Sweet, calm and comforting, she knows how to reassure little ones and continually looks for new ways to educate and entertain them. She has her driving licence and already drove in the uk.


After severals years of experience in day nursery as an Auxiliaire de Puericulture, Blondine would like to discover an other side of her job : becoming a French speaking nanny in London. She is the mum of a teenager boy and she knows how important is the well being of children for parents. She loves having fun with them and making them happy in offering lot of various activities. You could be sure your children will have lots of amazing moments with Blondine !


Zayna is a young French speaking nanny who started her experience with children with night babysittings and after-school positions while she was still a student. She also worked as an activity leader in holidays camp. Her studies and her deep will to help people brought her in the world of care for disabled adults that she kept for 7 years. But now, she misses the daily contact with children and their cheerful energy. That is why she is looking for a new position as a Nanny.

Her previous employers, parents of the children she took care of all agree that she is the best nanny they had for their children. She is committed and always willing to help. Furthermore, she knows how to occupied one or several children ! She loves London as she is used to come here once a month and can’t wait to share activities with your children in this city.


Cécile,very good team player,discreet became a French speaking nanny governess 6 years ago. She is also the mum of two grown-up children. Cécile is like a new grandmother generation 2021!very active,organised cheerful grandmother! Proactive in organizing playdates and fun in/outdoor activities for theirs educational stimulation and development. Supervising healthy meal.Influenced by gentle and positive education approaches helping the children to become autonomous. She has been accompanying multilingual children’s for 6 years, aged 1 to 10 years old , having used different educational support methods adapted to their needs, She also have professional experience in preschool and she can transfer theses skills to help your child achieve his/her full potential! Help develop the family's schedule to maintain household order. Experiences in HNWI Families and management. Call the agency!


Therese is a young French speaking au pair who is known for her calm and smiley personality. For her, taking care of children is a vocation et she loves exchange with them. Children like her for her kindness, patience and happiness. She is also very close to children and always finds a way to avoid conflict with them. She offers a lot of activities like playing board games or cooking sweet cakes. She took care of children regularly in differents families when she was in France, and also took care of her nephews since they are newborn.


Marie is a French speaking nanny who arrived in London for the third year of her bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisuel with the Erasmus Program. After finishing this year, she decided to stay in London to do her Masters in Film and Screen Media which she is currently in the process of completing. She has 2 years’ experience in both teaching French privately and babysitting children from 7 months old to 12 years old. She is a compassionate and empathetic person, which is why she is drawn to children, moreover she excels at working with children. She provides a nurturing environment to support development and she is also patient and creative which makes her a clear choice for working with children. Her hobbies include reading, visiting museums, theatre, cinema, drawing and painting. If you are looking for a smiling, curious and dynamic French speaking nanny, call the agency!


Lucie is the French speaking nanny all parents would love to have for their little one. Sweet, caring, smiley, she is always devoted to the family she works for. Having just arrived in London for her art studies, she has several experiences as a French speaking nanny, with babies, toddlers, and older ones. Given that her mother was a childminder and liked to help her, she has always been surrounded by children. In the future, she would like to work in a museum and share her passion with children.


Avigael was a French speaking nanny in France for 3 years in several families and taking care of children from newborn is her passion. That’s why she decided to pass the French diploma “Auxiliaire de puericulture” last year. Always attracted by London, she decided to move in few months ago and occupied a new French speaking nanny position here. This cheerful woman will make happy your little ones while knowing all their needs !


Always smiley, Johanna will immediately communicate you her good mood as soon as you will meet her. Based in London since 24 years to reach a part of her family, she worked in schools as teaching assistant before becoming French speaking nanny in several families. She has amazing experiences with babies she saw grow up and the most important for her is to make them happy and helping them in their development.  Johanna is fluent in English.


It is raining all the day ? No problem ! Camellia will be happy to bring your children outdoor to collect snails or if it is too cold, she could create with them a magic book ! After several experiences in leisure center, this French speaking nanny knows plenty of activities to do with children so they couldn’t be bored with her. She is also fond of cooking, she will easily make an apple-pie for snack or an hachis parmentier for lunch. Children love Camellia because they have lot of laughs with her and she is extremely patient.


Affoussiata is a very experimented French speaking Nanny. She takes care of children for 11 years in France. She has just arrived in London and is looking for a Live-out position. She is a very cuddly and sweet, especially with babies. She has experience with babies and children and she holds the Paediatric First Aid. She loves cooking and doing many activities with children. She is a mother of 3 children, she has a maternal instinct and you can be sure your child will be safe with her.


Alice is a caring, loving, mature and responsible French speaking nanny with more than 11 years of childcare experience. Alice has always wanted to work with children and in the future her dream is to have her own nursery. For Alice, nanny is the most rewarding job in the world. What she loves most is hearing children laughing, cooking, and playing with them. Each of her professional experiences is unique and she would not want to do another job for anything in the world. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy French speaking nanny, please contact us!


With an experience of 2 years as an “au pair” in London, Graciete would like today to find a lovely family to take care of their children. She has experience with children from 2 years old to 7 years old. Through her different experiences, she was able to build a privileged relationship with the children in her care. She enjoys being in contact with the children, sharing special moments with them and teaching them new things. If you are looking for a funny, conscientious, responsible and caring French speaking Nanny call the agency!


Mum of 2 girls, Angele loves sharing her good mood to children, she is always smiling, and that’s why she decided to work with them since 15 years. In France, she was already a French speaking nanny and teacher in preschool. So, naturally, when she arrived in London 2 years ago, she became French speaking nanny. Her references describe her as forthright, kind, responsible, and hardworking. Also very calm, she always use sweet and tact to talk with children. You will really appreciate her patience !


Eva is an outgoing and enthusiastic French speaking nanny with 4 years of childcare experience with children from 2 to 15 years old. She has held many positions such as occasional babysitter, youth worker, after-school nanny or au pair. Ensuring the child's safety is important to her, which is why she has passed the Paediatric first aid certificate. Moreover, her childcare diploma (BAFA) helps her to know a lot of various activities and to stimulate children’s creativity. Passionate about Nature and recycling she could share her passion with your children. If you are looking for a very funny, creative and patient French speaking nanny, Eva is for your family!


Elise loves taking care of other, especially of children so she decided to become a nurse. Her dream was to work in England and her previous experience as an au pair confirmed her determination to become a French speaking nanny in London. She is lovely, dynamic and young but she is also extremely responsible : you could be confident leaving your children with her. Very concerned, she spends lot of time in play games with them. She is also comfortable with babies as she loves help them grow up.


This young funny French speaking nanny is looking for a lovely family to take care of their children. Pauline has severals experiences with children aged from 10 months old to 6 years old. She has always wanted work with children and become a French speaking nanny is a dream that came true 3 years ago when she moved in London. She has lot of ideas of games and she knows what children enjoy doing.  You could be sure she also ensures to their safety.


Currently in France, Carla would like to discover London and practice her passion: work with children. This young French speaking nanny has experiences with babies and toddler, she is extremely professional as she hold a child care diploma. Kind and sweet, she knows been discreet as required. She is looking for a welcoming family to take care of their children and have lot of fun with them. She always created a good relation with all of children as she is extremely listening to their need.


Passionate by art, Nina is always happy to share her knowledge with children. This French speaking nanny has experience with children from 3 years old to 10 years old. She has also two little sisters she had taking care of when they were young. Going to museum, doing manual activities, play music… All creatives activities are welcoming ! As well, Nina is very attentive to wellbeing of children and she gives them all the attention they need.


Iris arrived in London 26 years ago to follow an anthropology training. In order to finance her studies she worked as a teacher assistant. This experience marked the beginning of her career in childcare. Teaching children is her path, for that she studied child psychology, dyslexia, Montessori and has a TEFL qualification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). She is obviously very pedagog and her passion transcends to children, they  love her because of her kindness and patience. Iris is very interested by cultural activities and loves to share her knowledges with children. This French speaking nanny speaks fluently English as well, has her driving licence and knows how to drive in London.


Juliette is a smiley french speaking nanny who has been an au pair for 2 years in a lovely family of 4 - she helped them so much during the covid lockdown! She also has experience with twins looking after them in sole charge. She loves art and craft and imaginative play. 



Sarah is an experienced french speaking nanny from Belgium. Organised,  caring, and a great role model for children, Sarah brings time management skills, good team communication and a fun but educational environment in your home. After 2 years experience as an au pair in Boston, she is now a dedicated french speaking nanny in London. 


If you are looking for a cheerful, hard working, committed and passionate french speaking nanny - look no further - Nadia is here for you! Well known by the agency, parents are always delighted by her work and children keep asking for her to come back.  With more than 8 years experience in childcare, Nadia will know how to entertain and educate your little ones while keeping them safe.