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We find fully vetted, experienced and qualified English, French and multilingual speaking nannies for families, from maternity nurses to part time or full time nannies

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The French Nanny London Agency is proud to be your partner in your nanny search for all your needs

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At the French Nanny London agency, we commit to give the best quality of service through the placement process: we are fair, efficient and transparent. Our objective is really to take all the hassle out of hiring a maternity nurse or a nanny and allow you to focus on just choosing the right person for your family. 

French Nanny London Agency for French speaking nannies

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We have found trusted, qualified and fully vetted French, English &  multilingual speaking maternity nurses and nannies for hundreds of families across the UK

French Nanny London Agency for French speaking nannies


We have built our reputation on quality of service, excellent French, English and multilingual maternity nurses and nanny network and tailored match placements

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Reliable and bespoke

Our passionate and qualified team at French Nanny London  is here to support you throughout the journey guaranteeing you peace of mind

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