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Our team

Our passionate and skilled team has built and maintained the French Nanny Agency reputation. We take pride in helping both families and nannies in our placements and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

French Nanny London Agency Fanny Di Domenicantonio .jpeg (2)

Fanny Di Domenicantonio


I am Fanny, director of French Nanny London. I am a French mum of 2, and have been living in London for 10 years now. Our family is a mix of French and English and so far it works! Who would have thought that baked beans and croissant go well together! 

Before taking on French Nanny London, I worked in consulting in London. I decided to take a turn and join French Nanny London in their journey to help families like mine find French childcare for their kids! 

French Nanny London Agency Camille

Camille Dupuis


Camille is our nanny recruitment star – she is interviewing nannies and performing all checks on their profiles and references. 

She arrived in London in 2020 and shortly after joined us at French Nanny London. Prior to this, Camille has worked in the tourism industry for years. 



French Nanny London Agency Glenny

Glenny Morio


Glenny has extensive experience and knowledge as a recruitment consultant having successfully introduced families and nannies for 3 years before joining us at French Nanny London in 2021. 

She has been living in London for more than 10 years and has also worked as a French Nanny and French teacher before helping families and nannies find their perfect match.

French Nanny London Team Caroline

Caroline Delcourt


In London for more than 10 years, Caroline has 5 years experience in a prestige nanny agency. She is also the happy mum of a 5 years old little boy!

She joined us in 2021 and is responsible for checking references for all candidates that are willing to join the agency!

French Nanny Agency Valentine Yazigi

Valentine Yazigi

Original Founder

Valentine, French mum of 3 founded French Nanny London Agency in 2012 following a passion for the early years of child development. 

After working in France as a paediatric nurse, she moved to the UK and worked as a nanny with a British family. This experience gave her an insider’s view on needs of nannies and parents.  She noticed the strong interest local families had in French language and culture and that gave her the inspiration to create the very first French Nanny agency in London. 

 Valentine is now back in France and remains a dear friend of ours.