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  • Devenir Nounou a Londres avec French Nanny London
    Devenir Nanny, et pourquoi pas ? Londres, son ambiance, sa culture, son histoire, tant de choses qui vous ont attirées jusqu’ici et vous ont donné envie d’y rester. Seulement voilà, il vous manque « The job », celui qui donne du sens à votre British experience et vous permet de subvenir à vos besoins. Malgré toutes vos recherches pour trouver l’emploi qui vous correspond, vous ne parvenez pas à tomber sur la perle rare. Mais
  • Medicare French Nanny London
    Interview by French Nanny London with Solene Esteve – Psychomotor Therapist at the Medicare Francais Why is Psychomotor therapy common in France and not too developed in the UK? Psychomotor therapy is not a profession as such recognized in England (but recognized in Europe and other countries in the world), so there is no equivalence. If the concept of psychomotor development of the child is known, the profession of the psychomotor therapist is much more global.
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    We have been very lucky to have an interview with Le Petit Journal where we could share our passion for our work Installée depuis près de neuf ans à Londres, l’agence French nanny London s’attèle à présenter des nounous francophones répondant parfaitement aux besoins des familles du Royaume-Uni. Véritable pionnière dans son domaine, une centaine de professionnels de la petite enfance et plusieurs dizaines de parents par mois lui font aujourd’hui confiance. A son arrivée dans
  • Impact on Brexit for french au pair
    We had the chance to have an interview with Le Petit Journal to give our views on the impact on Brexit for French au pairs and how we had to adapt to help parents find French speaking nannies in London. Largement plébiscité au Royaume-Uni, le système des jeunes au pair pourrait disparaître dans les prochains mois, faute de visa de travail adéquat pour les travailleurs. Près de 24 % des bénéficiaires de ce programme
  • French Nanny London Et patati patata
    Ma petite école du samedi Led by an experienced, certified native french speaking primary teacher, the saturday school is for children from 3 to 14 years old. It follows the french curriculum (maternelle, primaire et college). The saturday french school has been awarded Gold Supplementary school and offers to children a library, cultural events and activities. Where? Children can follow the lessons online every Saturday (and hopefully soon go back to physical classes).When? Every Saturday
  • Le petit theatre
    Le Petit Theatre was created by Fanny Dublin, a French actress used to perform for, but also, with children. Thanks to her 12-year teaching experience, she successfully shares her energy, enthusiasm and passion through movement, improvisation and drama game encouraging the use of imagination. The classes help to develop the children’s cognitive sense, interactive skills and social faculties towards others. They are adapted to their age and level. It is also a good opportunity to practice and brush up
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    It’s 7pm, time to go to bed. But for some reasons, the kids become more and more excited, they want more hugs, more kisses, they have so many questions… And instead of having a quiet evening waiting for the parents to come back, you’re ending up by begging them to go to bed. Sounds familiar ? Toddlers accustom to dawdle, so keep on being firm and don’t give them bad habits. It’s very difficult especially
  • French Nanny London Agency for French speaking nannies
    It is the end of the school holidays, it’s time for you to come back to work and for your children to return to school. And we know that the separation can be very complicated… Don’t worry, your French speaking nanny may have some solutions to deal with your kids’ tears and avoid you to be heart broken. She should get your little ones used to the school routine little by little: going to bed
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    What a pleasure to open a good book and to plunge into it ! But in our modern world, ruled by screens, we see more and more the children opt for TVs or Ipad when comes the recreational hours. As a parent, or a French speaking nanny, you can help them develop their taste for reading and it starts by introducing books to them in the best possible way : by sharing this moment. Reading
  • French Nanny London Agency for French speaking nannies
    Cooking with children, what a wonderful activity ! It will not only make you share a great moment with the children but also allow them to develop all their senses : taste, sight, touch, smell and even sound. When cooking with your children, leave them feel and smell the ingredients, explain the colours (in French!), where does it come from : this will develop their creativity, curiosity and memory. Preparing the aliments will also increase