Because being a mum is quite a hard job… so all mums deserve a surprise !

Get right to mum’s heart :
make her fall for you once more !


Because each day is different…
Because you love your partner…
Because being a mum is quite a hard job…
Why not give her a surprise or create something special for her ?


She loves good food and more particular home made dishes ?

Plan a romantic evening in one of the best restaurant of London or book a cooking lesson so you can enjoy your moment while you learn the tricks of the trade from the highly trained kitchen pros.

Find a good restaurant in London :
Book a cooking lesson :

She deserves a gift… so don’t forget it

(she would particular appreciate an individualised gift)

An individualised gift is always appreciated more than commercial gift. Indeed while money may certainly help, small surprises can make the same, if not more, of an impact !

So, If you love challenges, you can build your own gift (the poems are not only for the children,…).
If not, think about a chocolate box, a new book, a flower bouquet…


Find more ideas….

You’ll find something for everyone…. Follow the links :

and enjoy your evening !

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