Forgot about father’s day this weekend?

Don’t worry; it’s not too late to create something nice and quick with your children!

French Nanny shows you how to do a handmade gift while having fun with art and craft. Time to create your father’s day card:

Require equipment:

–          Scissors

–          Glue

–          Heavy colour paper with a different colour on each side

–          Construction paper

How to create it?

  1. Take the coloured paper and fold it in half
  2. Cut out a tie shape using another coloured paper, and decorate the tie with stickers for example
  3.  Glue the tie on the first half of the card as shown on the picture
  4. On top of the card, cut a slit in the middle, fold both of sides and glue them down


Now you just have to write a few words inside and it is done!

Happy father’s day!


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