It’s Holiday Time! How to protect your child from the sun

Summer often rhymes with holidays and sunshine for the whole family. During this period where we all put our feet up and relax, we should still ensure that we keep in mind that our children need to be protected from the sun.

The skin of your little one is particularly vulnerable. Which is why it is not at all recommended to expose a newborn of up to 6 months to direct sunlight. From 6 months, a baby starts to crawl on all four and wants to explore the world outside, which means that his delicate skin needs to be protected with a sun protecting lotion. Ideally, a sunscreen lotion specially made for babies or children should be used, as it normally has a higher SPF for younger skin.

Keeping  a hat handy is also advisable, for extended hours in the sun and reducing the risks of a sun burn.  It is also always good to have sunglasses for your little ones, especially the ones which have a strap attached to them and prevent them from falling off or being taken off by themselves.

Other than these little tips, try to keep your baby in the shade as much as possible, whether under a tree, an umbrella or a UV protected tent, especially between noon till 4 pm, which is when the sun is the most scorching.

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