L’école Des Petits Loups: promoting the French culture and language in North London.

French Nanny London is proud to partner with L’école Des Petits Loups, a North London based language school offering French classes to children from different levels.

L’école des petits loups was born from the desire of Hélène and Anne, 2 French mums living in North London and married to Englishmen, to pass on to their children some of their language, their culture, their history.
The first class was opened in January 2012 with 6 children and now has more than 350 students, mainly in North London but thanks to lock down and zoom, all over London and the UK.
L’école des Petits loups specialises in teaching French to bilingual children who usually have at least one francophone parent and who go to an English school. The classes are held after school, at 4:15pm on Wednesdays in Tufnell Park and Stroud Green (some year groups only), on Thursdays in Crouch end and on Fridays in Muswell Hill.
There are a couple of group classes over zoom.
The programs followed by the teachers have been prepared by Anne and Hélène following the programs for French of the “education nationale”. Every week there is a theme, related to the time of year, the news or a bit of history (the French revolution is usually mentioned and taught around the 14th of July for example!). The children get set some reading and homework every week. Classes range from nursery age children to A-Level.

The school has expanded and is now also teaching French to beginners as after-school clubs in several schools in North London (Archway, Crouch end, Muswell Hill and Tufnell Park).
Private classes, individuals or in small groups are also available for children and adults, face to face or over zoom.

All the teachers at l’école des petits loups are francophone and selected because of their desire to work with children, their passions for teaching and their enthusiasm.

To find out more: https://www.ecoledespetitsloups.com/

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