Promoting inclusivity in physical activity, with SkillzUp and French Nanny London.

We all know how much physical activity and social interaction are beneficial for both physical and mental health. This is true for both adults and children. At French Nanny London, we believe that sports should always embrace inclusivity and cater to the needs of children with special requirements.

Inclusive sports facilities and an open, child-centered environment, give children the opportunity to engage in physical activities, promoting overall health, and boosting self-esteem through personal achievements. Inclusive settings encourage positive social interactions, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation. With personalized support and attention from specialized coaches and assistants, children can develop essential life skills and a love for physical activities from a young age. Inclusivity contributes to breaking down societal barriers, by teaching empathy, and acceptance. The importance of such inclusive spaces lies in creating opportunities for every child to thrive physically, socially, and emotionally.

We are delighted to be partnering with SkillzUp, an inclusive and child-centered multisports club, in the heart of Fulham. Their mission is to provide weekly multisport classes, recreational sports, and slow-paced activities for children from 4 to 14 years old. They are dedicated to children who need to be encouraged and helped to take part in sports activities. Their multisport program offers the child the opportunity to explore a diverse range of sports activities in a safe, fun, inclusive, and non-competitive environment. The classes would suit every child including those who need a little extra support. What we loved about SkillzUp is their child-centered approach and the way they value each child, and acknowledge their unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences, and needs. They are also able to cater to the needs of SEN children, as the team includes 2 SEN Teaching Assistants (July and Fatou) and 2 Professional sporting coaches (Dany and Yacine).This allows SkillzUp to be able to provide the children with 1:1 support at any time.
Wednesdays from 4.30 to 6pm, in Fulham, SW6.

To find out more : Coach Dany Edson : 07 783 349 241 –

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