Recommended sports activities during pregnancy

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Practicing sports activities during pregnancy has always been seen as being risky to a mum-to-be. However, when the pregnancy is being monitored and there is no risk linked to the development of the baby in the womb, practicing a sports activity can be very beneficial to help in the well being of the mum.

It is however very important to carefully select the type of sports which is appropriate to your level of fitness, as any sport activity which has a risk of falling or any kind of vibrating effect, like running, aerobic or roller skating should not be practiced. Which is why we recommend the following :

– Swimming : this activitiy is especially recommended as it helps in relaxing the muscles of the whole body in one go

– Walking : This is another alternative which is very easy and accessible

– Yoga, pliates or any other type of stretching activity, which help in relaxing and stretching the muscles during every step of the pregnancy.

We hope that your pregnancy experience goes well, whether its yours or someone you know who is going through one !

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