Skiing with children

Planning your first family skiing holiday? It will still be skiing, but just not as you knew it when you went with your mates.

Skiing as a family is not simply a question of cutting back on the apres ski. Taking children to the slopes involves a lot of clobber (we’re talking skis, poles, helmets, gloves… and that’s before we’ve even started on clothes, sunblock and sunglasses). And yes, the children need all those things, too. So expect everything to take rather longer than you remember. And to cost rather more.

But family ski holidays with children are the stuff memories are made of. And if you and/or your partner are keen skiers, this is one way to pass on a sport that you’ve loved to the next generation. (Just remember not to get too piste off competitive when they’re whizzing past you on the slopes.)

Children’s skiing lessons

You’ve basically got two options – you teach your child to ski yourself or you pay someone else to do it for you.

If you’re already a competent skier, then teaching your children yourself offers the two-for-one of spending time together and saving money.


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