Take your children to the Harry Potter studios!

Harry Potter is well known and appreciated by kids.

So why not taking them to the Warner Bros studios to visit the backstage of Harry Potter? 

There, they will explore the magic world of one of their favorite character.


What you will find in the studios:

  • The Big Room
  • Dumbledore’s office: where you will discover many new treasures
  • The symbolic accessories from the movies, the Nimbus 2000 and Hagrid moto
  • Explanations about the how creatures were made with green screens and life-size models
  • Explore many other famous sets from the movie: the Gryffondor town, the boys dormitory, Hagrid’s house and the potions room

Let’s have a look on the fully detailed and interactive website in both French and English language for further informations to plan your visit into the Harry Potter’s magic world!

French Language Website

English Language Website


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