Thalasso Baby Bath: Meeting Your Baby for the First Time.

At French Nanny London we are parents ourselves, so we know what it feels like to become one. It can be overwhelming, fast-paced and filled with anticipation. So with this special blog, we want to introduce you to Thalasso Baby Bath by Louise la puericultrice as an invitation to pause, breathe and cherish a serene and memorable first moment with your newborn.  

“Nannies hold a special place in my heart. They are part of the new village it takes to raise a child. Alongside loving aunties or devoted besties who love our children as their own. Nannies commit to forging meaningful connections with kids and supporting parents in the best possible way. This is why, whenever nannies reach out to me to arrange a Thalasso Baby Bath, I always make sure they are included too. To all nannies, a million thank you!”

What is the Thalasso Baby Bath? 

Imagine a setting that mimics the warm and secure environment of the womb. The Thalasso Baby Bath does just that. Warm water envelops baby and gentle massages offer him the soothing and reassuring experience to help him transition into the new world. Watching your baby relax in the water, we do more than bathe them—we engage in a gentle, whispering dialogue. This is your first true “conversation” together. 

A Soothing Dialogue 

Water is naturally calming, and for a newborn, it brings back the sensation of being in the womb—safe, secure, and supported. The Thalasso Baby Bath harnesses these comforting properties. Not only soothing for the baby it’s also enlightening for parents as they observe their baby’s responses—smiles, coos, calm breathing, “telling their story” with their body language. Seeing your baby so at peace can ease the stress and anxiety of early parenting. It provides you with the time you need to feel more connected and attuned to your baby’s needs and lays the foundation for a strong and meaningful relationship as a family. 

Transition Womb to World 

The Thalasso Baby Bath, which can only be done by EDBN Certified professionals, is more than just a relaxing bath, it is a therapeutic approach that can significantly support the physical and emotional needs of babies. Especially those who had a difficult start in life, whether they were born, prematurely, via cesarean or had intrusive birth (forceps, ventouse, etc). An experience like this will alleviate their memories of the birth process, allowing baby to express themselves freely, so we can support the healing together. 

Prepare to meet your baby for the first time 

The ideal time to give your baby a Thalasso Baby Bath is within the first few weeks of life, typically between 7 to 21 days after birth. However, we know life with a newborn can be unpredictable, and we’re flexible to accommodate your schedule. Planning this special moment involves choosing a time when both you and your baby are ready for this peaceful experience, ensuring that it is as soothing and beneficial as possible. 

Embracing Your Role with Confidence 

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Thalasso Baby Bath is how it empowers you as a parent. Participating in this tranquil experience, you gain confidence in handling and communicating with your baby. It’s a hands-on experience that enriches your understanding of your baby’s cues and needs, equipping you with the skills to continue providing soothing, loving care at home. 

As you can understand, this is more than just a bath; it’s a celebration of new life and the beginning of a lifelong journey together. The Thalasso Baby Bath is a first bath after birth like no other; a foundational experience that sets the tone for memories that you and baby will cherish forever. 

If you would like more information on Thalasso Baby Bath in London, or if you wish to book an appointment for your baby’s coming with Louise la puericultrice, EDBN Certified and Trained by Sonia Krief, visit or give them a call on +33784153227. If your baby is already born, fill in this contact form to find you a suitable time and date for your session.

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