Alexia Commaret, Graphotherapist

We asked Alexia Commaret, Graphotherapist, the impact of speaking both languages on writing skills

1. What is a graphotherapist and at what age do you normally see children? 

As a graphotherapist or handwriting therapist, I have the knowledge and expertise to not only analyse which aspects of handwriting your child is struggling with, but offer precise and tailored treatment sessions to improve handwriting.

Graphotherapy is aimed at those who have difficulty with their handwriting from the age of 6 years old. Rehabilitation aims to regain the pleasure of writing, free up your writing fluency, boost self-esteem and regain confidence.

Rehabilitation allows the child to acquire the essential tools needed to write legibly, fluidly and without discomfort. Graphotherapy can also improve children’s communication and concentration skills leading to improved behaviour at school.

2. Do you notice a difference between children that learn to write in 2 languages vs children that only learn 1 language?

One difficulty children encounter is in switching from script to cursive. It can also be tricky for some children to develop from script to joined script!

3. What would be your top tips for parents to help their children at home with handwriting?

 The best tip I can give to parents is to let their children play! That includes all kind of games in which children use their hands and fingers. Such as Play-Doh, puzzles, lego, cooking …. It is the best way to improve their fine motor skills!

Alexia Commaret, Graphotherapist at the Medicare Francais

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