Welcome to a Unique Journey of Motherhood with Aude, from Doula4me.

French Nanny London is delighted to be partnering with Aude, from Doula4Me who helps parents navigate the exciting path from pregnancy to parenthood. Aude offers classes in antenatal care and hypnobirthing, complemented by postnatal doula support, ensuring assistance at each stage of this transformative adventure.

Bringing a blend of French insight and UK experience in maternity care, Aude, a native of France with enriched experiences in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, seamlessly integrates the French/Swiss approach with a profound understanding of the UK’s maternity healthcare system. Her professional journey was sparked by the birth of her first child in Switzerland and subsequent relocation to London, shaping her empathetic and well-informed approach to maternity care.

Aude’s Support Include:

  • Bespoke Services in French and English: Whether one is a Francophone seeking to comprehend the UK healthcare system or desires support in their native language, Aude provides all services, including hypnobirthing tools and audio, in both French and English.
  • Tailored for Comfort: Recognizing the uniqueness of every pregnancy, Aude’s services are customized to enhance comfort and fulfillment, catering to individuals experiencing parenthood for the first time or expanding their families.
  • Philosophy: Aude’s philosophy is simple – a happy mother results in a happy baby. Her focus lies in nurturing self-care for mothers and creating a warm, loving environment for growing families.
  • Accessibility Everywhere: Located in South London, Aude is available for in-person consultations or globally via video calls, prioritizing the comfort and convenience of her clients.

Join Aude on this exceptional journey, where she offers guidance, support, and a listening ear. To embark on this incredible adventure together, individuals are invited to reach out for a personalized conversation and to discover more about how Aude can provide valuable assistance.

To find out more: www.doula4me.com
075353 34864

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