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We have worked with EIFA school over the past few months and have learned to know them – here is some information about the school! 

Why Choose EIFA Nursery and Primary School


·       For an immersive bilingual education from the age of 2

Do you want your child to be fluent in more than one language? A period working or living abroad is an excellent opportunity for your child to enjoy an education in the local language whilst also developing their skills in French.

EIFA International School, which was established in 2013, aims to give children aged 2-18 a fully immersive bilingual education. Bilingualism is more than just a knowledge of vocabulary and grammar; bilingualism is about gaining a true insight into another culture and about improving skills of perception and understanding. Bilingual pupils grow up with valuable communication skills and awareness of the world around them. They acquire self-confidence through their ability to adapt to and function in different environments; something which will be an asset for life.

·       The best of both worlds

EIFA’s unique education programme combines the French curriculum, recognised for its sound academic foundations, with the creativity and focus on personal development of the British system. As a member of the AEFE (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger) network, the school delivers premium education recognised at an international level.

·       Which higher education do you contemplate for your child?

The answer to such question will vary according to the language(s) of instruction, academic level and qualifications achieved. The International Baccalaureate (IB) is recognised by the best universities and colleges worldwide, allowing a child to study anywhere in the world. EIFA is accredited by the French Ministry of Education up to Year7 / 6ème allowing children to transition seamlessly to the French system should families return to France. From Year 9 / 4ème onwards EIFA pupils study the Cambridge IGCSE programme (with examinations at the end of Year 11/seconde), before moving to the IB programme in Year 12 and 13 (1ère and terminale). In Year 10 / 3ème pupils have the option to sit the French “Brevet des Collèges” examination.

·       Atmosphere matters

The school’s atmosphere and its approach to learning are also important factors in a child’s development. What are the values and principles instilled? Meeting the Head of School and teaching staff and visiting the school premises will give you a glimpse into life at EIFA. Should you want to go further, you can organise a taster day at the school.

The school has strong values inspired by the British education system. Kindness, respect and pupil well-being are central to its teaching philosophy. The school’s small numbers (15 pupils in average per class) and strong emphasis on pastoral care allow pupils to reach their full potential in a caring and stress-free environment conducive to learning. With around 30 extracurricular activities (music, art and sport) and a true family atmosphere, EIFA has found a formula that promotes integration and development of each child in a warm, inspiring and multicultural environment.

To get in touch with EIFA and organise a n appointment and/or a taster day

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