How relaxation can be beneficial for your children

Is your child hyperactive ? Tired and wingy ? It looks like he is the best candidate for a session of relaxation. Tension and restlessness can manifest themselves at any moment of the day, however it very often seem to occur at the end of the day, after a long day at school or after a sports activity.

In these situations, taking a moment out to relax and calm down the nerves could be an interesting and beneficial solution to an enjoyable evening. To de-stress and relax does not only mean to lie down or put your feet up. For children, an relaxing efficiently relates more to loosening any tension in their muscles, through stretching and deep breathing techniques. For this purpose, it is important for the child to have a good awareness of how his body and muscles work, which is developed during his first four years from being born.
We as parents or nannies should also not forget that relaxation can also be done though sounds and music. The trick to this methd of relaxation is to getting the child to tune in and listen to particular sounds which lead to calming down his nerves and getting ready for a quiet bed time activity.

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