How to boost your child’s creativity

We hope you all spend lovely Easter Holidays!


Now children are going back to school, we encourage our nannies as well as the families to keep supporting what children’s learn at school by some friendly activities. We specifically talk about his creative mind which can easily be improved in after schools or during weekends.

Creativity is important for your child to develop his mind and to be able to solve any kind of situation. Here are some things you can do with him to improve his creativity :


1.     Make your child explore a music instruments. That develops their creativity and artistic sides.

2.     It is very important for a child to have High self-esteem. He can be confident enough to try new things and to be believe in himself being creative. Why not asking him to create cards for the family ? Doing so, he will be proud to see his family is recognising his efforts, and will be creative again.

3.     Stimulate your child by making him solve puzzles. That is a very good tool for them to learn how to solve problems by themselves. Plus, that gives them satisfaction when they see the result done.

4.     Read books to your child.  That will stimulate him and will inspire him to create his own stories. That will develop his way of thinking.

5.     Let your child help you in the kitchen. When your child sees you cooking, he can see how when elements are mixed, they can result in a new thing ! That will boost his creativity to then apply the same approach in other fields !

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