How to carve a pumpkin with your children

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It’s nearly Halloween and what better way to add some spookiness and festivity feel to your house than to carve a pumpkin with the children?

French Nanny London recommends the following steps to engage your children in preparing for Halloween with you and ensure the maximum fun while keeping safe.

– Look for the design for your pumpkin together, so that the children feel involved and part of the pumpkin carving mission.


– Once you have cut a hole on the pumpkin’s top, the children can help you with scooping out the flesh and the seeds with a spoon.


– Explain to them that they need to keep a little distance from you while you are carving the pumpkin as you will be using a sharp knife, but once you have cut the big pieces, they can help you to push the pieces out of the pumpkin, and see the pumpkin taking shape at each step of carving it.


– Select a place to keep your carved pumpkin together and place a tea light candle inside to illuminate it. Remember to carve the top properly so that there are no strands of pumpkin flesh hanging around to catch the flame from the candle.


Happy Halloween!

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