Is your child ready for potty training?


A child normally doesn’t start potty training until he is 2 ½ to 3 years old, as it’s only then that they start to have a more reliable control on their bladder. However, it is important to develop some early physical and cognitive skills from 18 months of age for them to familiarise them with the process of using a potty.

Potty training does not happen at a specific required age, as even if your toddler shows early interest and signs of readiness in using a potty, they may not have the physical ability to control elimination.

Here are some signs to monitor before preparing for potty training:


– Your child has regular bowel movements at relatively predictable times and is able to pull her/his pants up and down


– When changing nappies after naps(of 2 hours or more), your child has dry nappies, which shows that his bladder muscles can hold urine for at least 2 hours


– Your child doesn’t like the feel of being in a wet or soiled nappy, and tells you when he has done a wee or a poo for you to change him


– Your child can sit still and quietly in one position for two to five minutes, and understands the physical signals that he needs to use the potty. He also has the ability to communicate this to you before it happens, or can hold it until he reaches the bathroom to use the potty.





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