How to prepare for your child’s first sleepover?


Your child is back to school and is making lots of new friends. Soon enough, they are planning for sleepovers, which are a very fun way to spend an evening with their friends: they watch movies, eat pizzas, play board and video games and possibly stay up till late.
It is therefore important that you prepare your child for his or her first night away from home.

We recommend the following tips to ensure that your child is confident and reassured before a sleepover:

1. Ensure that your child is aware of the other family’s rules and regulations, like for tidying up after meals, where to keep his outdoor shoes etc.

2. Have a detailed conversation with your child about how the evening will be like, the typical activities that they will be doing etc, so that they have a idea of how things will go and what to expect from their first sleepover.

3. If your child is a bit worried and feels unsure about staying a whole night away from home, remind him or her that they can always call you for some reassurance, and if during the evening they feel like they would like you to come and pick them up, you can both make up a secret password which they can use while talking to you on the phone.

4. Let the parents holding the sleepover be aware of any food allergy or condition which your children may have, like sleepwalking or bedwetting, as well as your rules about watching specific types of movies or tv shows.

5. And lastly, tell the parents that it is the first time sleeping over for your child, so that they are aware of the situation and instantly understand if your child starts to feel a bit unsure or worried during the night.
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