London Transport Museum

If you haven’t been yet, try it!

The London Transport Museum is great to go on weekends with children! It’s composed by transports copies and tells you about their evolution.

Explore the evolution of our famous tube, bus and cabs and see how they actually use to look like! You can observe and even try them. You will find various world tube maps to compare them!

This museum is perfect for children who will have enough space to run and try all the transports! While visiting, you’ll be given a ticket that you will mark everytime you will reach a step. Just as when you have to validate your Oyster!

Also, 2014 is the year of the bus. The London Transport Museums is celebrating the role the bus has in providing people with access to employment, education, services and social opportunities in London.

So go there if you want to explore the Transports of London!

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