The best toys for your children

From 0 to 6 months

To stimulate your baby, choose:

– things they can hold and play with. Try to choose colorful toys, that make noise, or with different textures.

– things that make sound: night-lights with lullabies, or books with sound


From 7 to 12 months

At that age, children learn to communicate and to move. Here are some good toys for them:

– things to builds: large foam puzzles or cubes

– things to play pretend with: vehicles, puppets, plush toys or dolls


For 1-year-olds

One year-olds children start to talk and walk. Try to choose them:

– things to draw such as markers and crayons

– more elaborated things to play pretend with: dolls with accessories, vehicles, plastic animals

– books with simple stories and a lot of visuals

For 2-year-olds

2 year-olds are able to solve problems and to do more things by themselves. The good toys for them are:

– things to make work their brain: puzzles, blocks that snap together, objects to sort

– things to create: crayons, markers, and things to paint: paper and paintbrushes

– things for using their muscles: balls for kicking and throwing and low climbers with soft material underneath


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