Early Years Education French Nanny

News – Early Years Education: Ofsted’s first annual report

Early Years Education French Nanny
Early Years Education French Nanny

Last week ended with the Michael Wilshaw’s launching speech of Ofsted’s first annual report on early years education. In summary, the head of Ofsted showed a lot of concerns about giving an equal education to every Uk Children and he even suggests to start obligatory school at 2.
At this time, any decision has been made but a checklist proposal of 10 essential skills for children to learn by the age of 5.

The idea: to emphasis on an equal “social, emotional and learning skills” teaching to youngster aimed by giving them the basic groundwork to begin to develop academically.

French Nanny can easily identifies to the following values which stand out from this list: the ability to sit and listen, to be aware of other children, to understand the words “no” and “stop”, to be toilet trained, to recognize their names, to ask an adult for help, to take off their coat, to put on shoes, to talk in sentences, and finally to open and enjoy the book.

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