Top 5 Family Travel Destination for Spring Holiday by French Nanny

The top 5 family travel destinations

Spring holidays are just now…

If you’re wondering where to take your lovely family on holiday, here are some suggestions:


Top 5 Family Travel Destination for Spring Holiday by French Nanny
Top 5 Family Travel Destination Spring Holiday

Lapland: if you go there during winter, you will enjoy the aurora borealis. Concerning activities, your family can take sleighs pulled by dogs, ski, cheer on reindeer races on frozen lakes, go ice-fishing or snowmobile through forests.

Denmark: Copenhagen is a great and beautiful city where you can enjoy fish restaurants and the colorful Nyhavn Canal. Moreover, your children will explore the Tivoli amusement park and Legoland with a miniland of plastic famous icons such as the Statue of Liberty or Star Wars. 

New York: full of the most famous art museums and parks, NYC is a city full of dreams. If your children have ever watched american movies, they will enjoy the city. The yellow cabs, the recognizable buildings or the pizzas and hod dogs… Bring your family to the most cinematographic city!

Italy: Italy has many beautiful places to visit such as the Colosseum, Pompeii or the wonderful museums. You can also enjoy one of the best world food with their pizza and ice cream. Activities are also very nice for spring holiday. Enjoy beaches,  lakes and mountains with your children who will be happy to discover nature.

Prague: that is one of the best destinations if you only have time for a week-end. The city has many fairy tale buildings, and has a beautiful castle you can reach with the funicular. 

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