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    It’s 7pm, time to go to bed. But for some reasons, the kids become more and more excited, they want more hugs, more kisses, they have so many questions… And instead of having a quiet evening waiting for the parents to come back, you’re ending up by begging them to go to bed. Sounds familiar ? Toddlers accustom to dawdle, so keep on being firm and don’t give them bad habits. It’s very difficult especially
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    It is the end of the school holidays, it’s time for you to come back to work and for your children to return to school. And we know that the separation can be very complicated… Don’t worry, your French speaking nanny may have some solutions to deal with your kids’ tears and avoid you to be heart broken. She should get your little ones used to the school routine little by little: going to bed
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    What a pleasure to open a good book and to plunge into it ! But in our modern world, ruled by screens, we see more and more the children opt for TVs or Ipad when comes the recreational hours. As a parent, or a French speaking nanny, you can help them develop their taste for reading and it starts by introducing books to them in the best possible way : by sharing this moment. Reading
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    Cooking with children, what a wonderful activity ! It will not only make you share a great moment with the children but also allow them to develop all their senses : taste, sight, touch, smell and even sound. When cooking with your children, leave them feel and smell the ingredients, explain the colours (in French!), where does it come from : this will develop their creativity, curiosity and memory. Preparing the aliments will also increase
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    As French speaking nannies or parents we are examples for children. They are discovering the world as we show them. Our friend the nature needs helps today. It is why we are very concerned about ecology. If you desired to be planet lover’s example for your kids we can help you. Be green is about habits and your children can take those ones easily as they are young so go for it!. We selected a
  • Easter is coming very soon and your children (or the children you are taking care of) may be dying now to see the Easter bunny going out of his hole and distribute the delicious chocolates. This celebration holiday is a perfect moment to enjoy a lot of activities together. From the preparation of the Easter decorations to the eggs hunting, London offers to your little ones a lot of future amazing memories. Indeed, if their
  • Holidays, weekends or short family vacations often mean travels. By boat, car or plane you have to organize the trip. And as parents or nanny you also have to manage the children at the same time. Travels can be exhausting for your body and your nerves, but it’s not hard to imagine how much it could be also for the youngest. Tiredness, boredom, all of us know how they impact children. But no worries, here
  • Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes (…) are not the best friends of your children ? Don’t worry, you are not an exception. Do you remember the cartoon “Inside Out” and how Disgust reacts to brocoli ? These (and plenty of other) vegetables have indeed a bad reputation in children world and sometimes all excuses or screams are good to avoid eating them. Sometimes you probably want to give up and feed your kids with only pasta, steak
  • The start of the school year is coming and as a parent you may struggle to find the right childcare. More families than ever are exploring child care choices and weighing all the financial, logistical and emotional decisions that come with them. Let’s figure out together the pros and cons of those three childcare possibilities between hiring a French speaking Nanny or sending your child to day nursery & Childminders. Check out the link bellow
  • When you as a parent and your children spend so much time with your French speaking nanny, she becomes an integrated and important extended member of the family. Children and parents can get incredibly emotionally attached. However, such situations can be complex, and as an employer you should be prepared to set some nanny boundaries. One day, employers may find themselves being asked a favour they feel they can’t refuse, or a nanny may have
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